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osteoporosis-boneNumira offers bone research services in the following areas:



Bone Morphometry

We offer conventional bone morphometry (e.g. structural, dynamic, and cellular) and custom analyses using two of our GLP validated Osteomeasure XP systems.

Static Measurements: Bone, voids within bone, bone mass, and architectural parameters

Dynamic Measurements: Fluoroscent dyes are given at two time points in vivo. These dyes can be visualized to measure bone formation rate.

Cellular Measurements: Osteoclasts, osteoblasts, osteoid, etc.

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Ex Vivo Bone Imaging

adult-mouse-skeleton-boneNumira's High-Resolution MicroCT Bone Imaging service is the perfect tool for analyzing and characterizing the skeletal anatomy and bone structure of a variety of animal models, including rats, mice, and rabbits. Our high-resolution microCT imaging and high performance software tools provide quantitative, interactive datasets in both 2D and 3D. Numira has established a new standard in imaging with an extensive list of applications including:

This service is ideally suited for analyzing features such as cortical and trabecular bone structures. Quantitative measurements include:

  • Bone volume to total volume ratio
  • Bone mineral density
  • Cross-sectional bone area and perimeter
  • Trabecular number, thickness and separation
  • Trabecular bone volume and area
  • Connectivity density

bone-medleyHigh-Resolution Bone Imaging is a turnkey service that allows researchers to customize scanning parameters, image processing, analysis, and reporting to best suit their study objectives. Working closely with you and your team, we establish customized protocols that are optimized for your specific animal study needs. Customers may choose from a number of menu options including:

  • Sample preparation and handling
  • Scan resolution (6 µm – 72 µm)
  • Image processing and analysis (2D & 3D)
  • Multi-planar images and movies
  • Visual analytics / Quantification
  • Custom and detailed reporting

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Biomechanical Bone Analysis

Understanding changes in bone strength and stiffness is imperative in many bone related disease models. Using an Instron 5500r system, we are able to provide various detailed metrics on your bone samples giving you insight into brittleness, ductility and compression characteristics. Our instrument enables us to handle many types of specimen species including mouse, rat, rabbit, canine, primate, sheep and goat. The biomechanical properties of the bone can be determined using the following tests:

  • biomechanical-bone-instron3 point flexural
  • 4 point flexural
  • Femoral neck flexural
  • Indentation
  • Implant compression
  • Femoral metaphysis compression
  • Vertebral compression
  • Tensile
  • Push out/pull in testing

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